About Saad Khan

I’m co-founder and Partner at Uprising where I focus on shit that matters. 🙂

Been an early investor / advisor to companies like Lending Club, Lyft, Upworthy, Change.org, Watsi, Zaarly, Jobvite, and Evolution Robotics (now iRobot). Formerly a Partner and led all digital media / software investments at CMEA Capital. Also worked with Guy Kawasaki at Garage.com where we helped build incubator 1.0 in the valley.

Co-founded the Film Angels and love storytelling. Was also one of the producers on the Grammy Winning Jazz Album “The offense of the drum” by Arturo O’Farrill (which won a Grammy in 2015 for best Latin Jazz).

Bucket list, check. 🙂

Love all things Sufi, Richard Feynman, and table tennis.

p.s I went to high school in Karachi. So I have mad brown street cred. 🙂


5 thoughts on “About Saad Khan

  1. My name is Jean-Paul HellendallI’m an independant filmProducer/Director. I have a business proposal for you Saad and anyone that will lessonemail me and I’ll tell you more about it. Thanks for your time. Take it easy.

  2. You are a rock star. It was great catching up at SMAA conference at Stanford a few weeks back.

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