Entrepreneurs are Still the New Asset Class (I didn’t forget)

I’ve been overwhelmed by the responses I received to my Forbes piece a few weeks back, Entrepreneurs are the Next Asset Class, where I discussed the prospects of investing in entrepreneurs directly, not companies.  Many thanks to all the people who took the time to read, tweet, and comment.

While the post is based on some general sentiments that I’ve internalized for some time, I’ll be the first to admit that on the mechanics of investing directly in people, I’m several pivots away from a nugget. Having said that, I do think it’s possible and am going to be writing a number of posts on the topic in the coming weeks.

In the meanwhile, I had to share this email I received over the weekend:

“Imagine investing in the future of Lebron James when he was 10, or K rod , or any highly paid sport star. I have a 12 yr old boy in Florida that plays baseball all year. He weighs 150 pds, hits a ball 210 ft, throws left and very accurate. Do the research on left handed pitchers in MLB and what the earning potentials are. If you would like to know more, or just know someone that invest in the future of sports players, please e mail me. Thank you.”

150 lbs at 12? Man, I barely cracked 150 after I got married. 🙂 If anyone has any ideas for him, let me know and I’ll be happy to connect you.


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs are Still the New Asset Class (I didn’t forget)

  1. Fantex allows for alternate investments in sportspersons and I was wondering if what you proposed combined with a crowdfunding aspect would translate into ‘Fantex’ for entrepreneurs?

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